My Textbook

In 2022 I published my first* optics textbook ‘Introduction to Visual Optics: A Light Approach’, and I’m really proud of how it turned out. My goal was to make optics fun and visually appealing in order to help make the content accessible to as many students as possible, with the idea that after working through my book, they’ll have the core knowledge to be able to graduate onto reading Tunnacliffe, Efron etc.

But don’t just trust my word for it! Some of my students have kindly left me testimonials about their experience with it:

“This book is the perfect intro to what can often be such a difficult topic with insanely time-consuming concepts to grasp. The way in which this book is so eloquently put together, with challenging exam questions, worked examples and beautiful illustrations, you can really take optics in your stride and Sam makes understanding everything feel way more within reach, as I’m sure many students, myself included, are testament of. So for anyone reading this, just know, when the topics feel that much more foreign and incomprehensible, it’s nothing Sam’s love of cats, Yorkshire tea & visual science can’t solve!” [Anonymous student]

“I think the book is really useful to go over once revision has been completed to fill gaps in knowledge, and the practice questions are really helpful to understand content instead of just memorising.” [Anonymous student]

If you’ve read the book and you’d like to leave me a testimonial for me to share on my website below, then please click this link.

If you’re an instructor and you’re interested in using my book for your teaching – you can request an inspection copy at the link here.

If you’re a student and you’d like your institution to get a copy for their library then you should speak to your module leader and encourage them to ask for an inspection copy.

If you’d like to purchase your own copy, then it’s available in lots of places at a range of prices (look for the sales):

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*assuming there might ever be more than one?