BBC Crowd Science

(I must remember to update this blog more often!)

I’m typing up a post today because at 20:32 (BST) on the 17th September 2021 I will very briefly be a guest on a BBC radio programme and this may well be one of the biggest outreach opportunities I’ll ever have!

For those of you who know me, you’ll know that I’m very passionate about accessible science and sharing educational resources, so when I was approached to help contribute as a scientist on the Crowd Science episode “How did the human eye evolve?” I literally jumped out of my seat!

I was recruited to talk all things optics (specifically pinhole cameras, refractive index, model eyes etc) although at this point I don’t know what will (or won’t) make it into the show so I’m just very excited to listen in and remind myself of what I said!

The show will be available as a podcast after the show airs at the link below:

Check it out!

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