Paper Accepted in Cerebral Cortex – Strong et al., 2017

I’ve just had my first first-author paper accepted into a great journal called Cerebral Cortex. It’s open access so feel free to go check it out via the link below the abstract:

A Direct Demonstration of Functional Differences between Subdivisions of Human V5/MT+

Samantha L. Strong Edward H. Silson André D. Gouws Antony B. Morland Declan J. McKeefry

Two subdivisions of human V5/MT+: one located posteriorly (MT/TO-1) and the other more anteriorly (MST/TO-2) were identified in human participants using functional magnetic resonance imaging on the basis of their representations of the ipsilateral versus contralateral visual field. These subdivisions were then targeted for disruption by the application of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS). The rTMS was delivered to cortical areas while participants performed direction discrimination tasks involving 3 different types of moving stimuli defined by the translational, radial, or rotational motion of dot patterns. For translational motion, performance was significantly reduced relative to baseline when rTMS was applied to both MT/TO-1 and MST/TO-2. For radial motion, there was a differential effect between MT/TO-1 and MST/TO-2, with only disruption of the latter area affecting performance. The rTMS failed to reveal a complete dissociation between MT/TO-1 and MST/TO-2 in terms of their contribution to the perception of rotational motion. On the basis of these results, MT/TO-1 and MST/TO-2 appear to be functionally distinct subdivisions of hV5/MT+. While both areas appear to be implicated in the processing of translational motion, only the anterior region (MST/TO-2) makes a causal contribution to the perception of radial motion.

Read the full article here

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